A gorgeous salt water pool …

The brilliant green, the colors of the ripe grapes, the magical smell of hazelnuts create the perfect frame for relax; Sun, silence and nature, a breathtaking panorama that give a touch to the tan, or fly under the salt water level of our beautiful swimming pool.

 Il sale, un ingrediente semplice dai molteplici benefici, un elemento terapeutico per la bellezza e il benessere del corpo, un vero toccasana per rimodellare, riequilibrando il metabolismo, purificando e reintegrando le energie perdute.

 The Residenza San Vito offers to its guests a range of treatments that combine seawater with the salty water of the pool to purify the skin, contrasting impurities, draining liquids, fighting circulatory inflammation and treating your body from arthrosis, muscle inflammation and respiratory problems.

 Moreover, for those who prefer just a few hours of relax, the Residenza offers sweet and savory snacks, fresh fruit, and a Sicilian granite with cream or a glass of champagne creating an oasis of peace in a frame of absolute tranquility.

A pleasant massage …

Water and light, the essential elements to create harmony, well-being and an inner equilibrium.

After a pleasant bath in the salt-water pool, you could enjoy the comfort of a hot tub at your feet. Let yourself be cuddled by the bubbles for moments of pure relax surrounded by the hills, with a glass of good wine and a lovely musical background: the perfect rest after an energetic swim or a long walk among the paths of Langa and Monferrato.

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The benefits of the sauna …

 A perfect oasis of peace in harmony with the SPA of Residenza San Vito offers a luxurious sauna, whose intense warmth opens the pores of the skin, promoting the expulsion of toxins through sweating, improving blood circulation. The combination of dry wood cabinet, chromo-therapy, and fresh water from the outdoor pool gives a tonic boost, creating a lasting harmony from the depths.

“The aspect of things could change due to emotions; so we see magic and beauty in them, but in reality, magic and beauty are inside us “Kahlil Gibran